Livestock Medicines
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This FAAST Review was Meant to:

  1. Educate food animal producers on the safe and responsible use of livestock medicines to safeguard public health, animal health, and food safety
  2. Ensure that the antimicrobials we use in agriculture remain effective for years to come

After this FAAST Review, You Should Now Know:

Section 1:

  • The differences between different types of microbes
  • How antimicrobials work and when to use them
  • The key roles and responsibilities of animal owners and producers

Section 2:

  • How to read and understand a drug label
  • The risks involved with the use of drugs in humans and animals
  • How to calculate a drug dosage
  • Why extra-label drug use is important
  • How to read and understand a veterinary prescription
  • The importance of withdrawal times, drug residues, and the impact of accidental treatments

Section 3:

  • How to administer injections properly
  • Proper handling, storage, and administration of livestock medicines to minimize risk of contamination