Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Canadian Poultry Industry

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The Goal of this FAAST Review is to:

  1. Review necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis, including its significance to the industry, clinical signs, risk factors, and methods for diagnosing disease when it is suspected in a flock
  2. Provide producers with management strategies to reduce the risk of developing necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis
  3. Provide alternative strategies to antimicrobial use in preventing necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis

What You’ll Learn/Topics Covered:

  • How to identify necrotic enteritis in your flock, and what makes some flocks or birds more susceptible, as well as the interplay between Clostridium bacteria and coccidiosis
  • The importance of proper nutrition to boost the immune system and maintain gut health to reduce the risk of development of necrotic enteritis and coccidiosis
  • Management strategies to reduce stress, maintain a clean environment, and minimize disease entry
  • Antimicrobial alternatives to promote bird health
  • The importance of good brooding practices to set chicks up for optimal performance

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