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Biosecurity Resources: Websites

The swine industry has one of the most stringent biosecurity programs of all commodity groups. We’ve curated a number of great websites for swine producers when it comes to understanding and implementing biosecurity on the farm.

The Canadian Swine Health Board Technical Committee on Biosecurity:  National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard

  • The Swine Health Board produced the National Swine Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard and related best management practices to serve as the main science-based guidance/reference document for biosecurity on swine farms in Canada

Canadian Pork Excellence: Producer Manual – PigSAFE PigCARE

  • Excellent guidance document on ensuring compliance with food safety, animal care, and traceability requirements of the CPE program.
  • Best practices in personnel training, barn maintenance and sanitation, inputs, feed and water, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, pests, domesticated animals and dead stock controls, welfare/care, biosecurity, and transportation
    • Reduce disease introduction, spread, and impact on the farm, as well as ensure safe, wholesome food supply

Ontario Pork Industry Council: Biosecurity Resources

  • Information on transportation, PRRS, biosecurity risk assessment, disease control, surveillance, and elimination

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA): Swine – Health Management and Biosecurity

  • Information on general health management and biosecurity of swine premises
  • Biosecurity and information on emerging diseases of importance to the Ontario swine industry

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA): 

Canadian Pork Council: Visitors and Farm Biosecurity

  • This site highlights the measures that need to be taken to prevent the introduction of disease on visitors to your farm

Swine Health Ontario: Biosecurity Resources

  • Resources on general biosecurity, transportation, and disinfection

Ontario Animal Health Network: Swine Health Resources

  • A variety of educational resources (infographics, reports, podcasts) on pertinent health, disease prevention, and surveillance in Ontario swine

Ontario Area Regional Control and Elimination Program: Biosecurity Protocols and Articles

  • The Ontario Area Regional Control and Elimination program was developed to assist producers in controlling and eliminating diseases of interest and focuses on PRRS and PED at this time. It is based on the concepts of sharing information to improve decision making and reduce disease transmission risks, working together as regional projects and now all of Ontario

Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council

  • A variety of general biosecurity resources under “Workshops” and “Videos” headings on the website
  • Also, routinely publish newsletters covering important issues affecting livestock commodities in Ontario

The Pig Site : Resources on Biosecurity and Hygiene

  • A variety of sponsored and independent articles on swine disease prevention, biosecurity, and barn hygiene

Source: ACER Consulting Ltd.