New Series of Honey Bee Courses Offered by the Veterinary Information Network

VIN is offering 4 online courses for veterinarians on honey bee and hive health. Follow the links below to register:

Honey Bees – Splits and Swarms
February 20-March 8, 2020

Learn about swarm biology, including recognizing cues for swarming, and basic swarm management techniques, with a focus on splits.

Honey Bees – Queen Biology

March 12-29, 2020

This course will cover the reproductive aspects of the hive, including queen management, rearing, and handling, queen and drone biology, mating, and genetics.

Honey Bees – Managing Varroa Mites

July 2-19, 2020

This course will cover the biology and life cycle of the varroa mite, the worst parasite of honeybee colonies. Participants will learn how to monitor this pest and to how to determine a plan to keep bees safe in different scenarios.

Honey Bees – Managing Bacterial Disease

April 16-May 3, 2020

This course will focus  on the infection cycle, transmission, and treatment of the two bacterial honey bee diseases, including how to identify signs of bacterial disease, carry out field testing, and control disease.