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Challenges with Extra-Label Drug Use

There are incredibly few medications available for on-label use in sheep, and virtually no antimicrobials available on-label for use in goats. In certain circumstances, extra-label drug use (ELDU) may be dangerous to animals (e.g. the cattle dose might be too high for a sheep or goat) and could lead to antimicrobial residues in human food products. Using drugs in an extra-label manner without veterinary oversight is risky and could lead to several unintended consequences as well as contribute to the development of antimicrobial resistance within your herd or flock.


Source: ACER Consulting Ltd.

For more information, visit our FAAST Review entitled Introduction to Livestock Medicines. Here, you will find the full digitized course developed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

Within the Introduction to Livestock Medicines FAAST Review, you will find more information specific to ELDU.