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Nutrition and Feeding

Nutrition, Feeding, and Health

When the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When the diet is right, medicine is of no need

Ancient Ayurvedic proverb


Meeting the specific nutritional demands of your fish is vitally important.


Adequate nutrition ensures that your fish can:

  • Grow efficiently
  • Mount an effective immune response against infectious disease
  • Cope with any stressors that may arise


Source: ACER Consulting Ltd.

Working with an experienced nutritionist will ensure you are meeting the dietary demands along each stage of the production cycle on your farm, from spawning fish through to growing fry.

In addition to ensuring a high quality, properly balanced diet, Arlen mentioned that the staff at Cedar Crest find value in hand-feeding all their animals. They feel that this ensures animal care technicians are constantly evaluating each group of animals multiple times over the day. Any sickness or other abnormalities can then be promptly identified and addressed (in accordance with SOPs outlined in their Fish Health Plan).


Source: ACER Consulting Ltd.