Ontario Aquaculture
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This FAAST Review was Meant to:

  1. Describe how fish producers and their veterinarians can practice antimicrobial stewardship without compromising animal health and welfare
  2. Educate producers involved in aquaculture on the importance of biosecurity in managing fish health and reducing the need for treating disease
  3. Describe how fish producers can reduce disease through management of the environment, low stress handling, and careful planning

After this FAAST Review, You Should Now Know:

Section 1:

  • How to assess the risk for development of disease on your fish operation
  • Areas of concern with respect to viral hemorrhagic septicemia in Ontario
    • How Cedar Crest Trout Farms implements biosecurity measures on their farm and the importance of working with other producers in your area

Section 2:

  • The importance of maintaining appropriate stocking densities to reduce stress and disease and therefore the need for antimicrobial treatments
  • Appropriate cleaning and disinfecting protocols to reduce disease and closely monitor fish health
    • Water quality management at the Alma Research Station
  • The importance of balanced nutrition and feeding to promote healthy fish that are able to withstand stress and disease challenge
  • How fish health records can foster continuous improvements in fish health and profitability

Other Resources

For more information on biosecurity for your farm, there are several online resources to explore. Below are some examples that will help ensure your farm remains healthy.

The Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC), operated out of Texas A&M University with support through the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has produced excellent comprehensive resources on biosecurity in a variety of aquaculture production systems:

SRAC – Biosecurity in Aquaculture Part 1 – an Overview

SRAC – Biosecurity in Aquaculture Part 2 – Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

SRAC – Biosecurity in Aquaculture Part 3 – Ponds

The Fish Site – How to Apply Good Biosecurity Practices in Aquaculture

AVMA: Judicious Therapeutic Use of Antimicrobials in Aquatic Animal Medicine